About that one true love

Joanna Lives Next Door

Over the years, my heart has been touched by several men.  I have experienced moments of joy, hopefulness, desire and maybe even love, all in the arms of various men.  For however long those moments lasted, it was a period of contentment – that thirsty part of my heart was quenched.  But those moments of “love” evaporated time and again leaving me desperate for more.

I have been on a search for a love strong enough to last a lifetime.  Now I know that the only love I can have forever is the love I have for my daughter which is constantly replenished by the love she gives to me.  Her love is everlasting.  Her love sustains me.  Her love is what keeps me alive.  I know it’s a lot of weight to put on a child, but she is the one true love I have been needing all this…

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