Someone to count on

I am quite impressed with myself.  I have done so well for myself in the last few years.  Being a single mom has made me a strong person.  As much as I struggle daily with my little girl, the struggle and the constant triumph through it all clearly demonstrate that I am indeed a strong person, with a solid character.  I know I can survive whatever comes my way.  I don’t scare so easily anymore, not about tomorrow.

I am a hard worker.  Even when my hard work doesn’t produce expected results or preferred results, I continue to work hard.  I cannot think of an instant in the last few years where I gave up, quit…?  Sure, I have thought about giving up all sorts of things over the years of course, I have felt cornered and desperate, but I have never actually made the decision to give up.  Well, I can’t recall a moment when I decided not to do something or try something because I figured it wouldn’t work out.

I know it’s not all because I am just so courageous, I do recognize that I don’t always take risks that would probably serve me well…  I am not a risk taker, this I know about myself.  This is something I want to do more of – I am talking about character risks, not skydiving.   I am talking about speaking up, doing something that scares me (like dancing alone in public) or puts me in vulnerable position.

But, I am progressing and I want to continue building this strong woman-mother.  I want my daughter to find her wonder woman right next to her.  Someone that would do anything for her welfare. Someone that will sacrifice for her benefit.  Someone that will protect her from things within control – and for those things outside of control, I am someone that can help her brace for impact or help mitigate the impact of such forces.

I  have to continue being strong so I can indeed be someone with strength she can count on.